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Timber Design Awards

Upper Queen St Generation Buildings 3 & 4

Upper Queen Street replaces obsolete big box retail to Richmond’s Main Street with a new model.

Upper Queen Street replaces obsolete big box retail to Richmond’s Main Street with a new model. 13,000m2 of mixed use retail, hospitality, office and service space are assembled in a consolidated development on the Southern edge of Richmond’s growing CBD; a zone actively encouraging this development type adjacent the regions only mall.

These third and fourth generation Timber Buildings are located along the Main Street frontage of Richmond, repairing the street wall. Both Timber Buildings showcase timber construction techniques in a two level development, providing a quality built outcome and simplifying seismic systems from prior ISJ work.

Master planning reduced boundary wall fire rating requirements, allowing both timber buildings to advance and refine prior research exploring how timber might be used in a commercial environment. The design solution has gravity structures and seismic resistance achieved using exclusively timber systems.

  • In a seismic event; earthquake forces are resisted by simple arrays of tensioned steel dampers connected to the floor
  • Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) shear walls connect to floor beams via articulated central steel pivots
  • Columns and beams throughout are in Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)
  • Connection details are refined throughout; bolts are avoided in favour of simple pins and self -tapping timber screw technology to simplify site erection

This innovative project acts as an exemplar for a commercially viable solution combining timber engineering with advanced seismic technology. Responsible integration of environmental systems with the visual appeal of locally supplied timber resource produces quality commercial space and sustainable working environments.

Timber components are exposed and their functions expressed within the architecture of this building to illustrate and warm internal spaces. Structural elements are exposed and identified with a simple clear finish, or black painted steel connections.