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Timber Design Awards

Trimble Navigation Office and Warehouse

Opus International Consultants has designed a new Pres-Lam structure to replace Trimble Navigation’s Christchurch office and warehouse, which was destroyed by a fire in 2011.

Upon completion, it will be the first building in New Zealand to use both post-tensioned LVL frames and post-tensioned LVL walls with energy dissipating devices for the load resisting system. This resilient technology will reduce damage in future seismic events through the dissipation of energy and controlled deflection of the structure. These devices are easily replaced following significant seismic events, providing economical repair alternatives. Additionally, beam column joints incorporate forced rocking points, which allow greater control of joint behavior and reduce joint damage during rocking. Timber composite floors have also been designed to reduce noise penetration and minimise vibration.

The joints and connections are exposed as part of the interior fit out, allowing building occupants to see the building’s underlying structural form. The 6000m2 building has been developed in 2 blocks for seismic and operational reasons providing an L-shaped footprint which shields the main forecourt from easterly winds and creates a welcoming main entrance. The design incorporates a unitized curtain wall system with insulation spandrel and double glazing using specialist glass to reduce glare and penetration, avoiding the need for external sun shading.

This is a Design Build project undertaken by Opus International Consultants and Mainzeal Construction Limited.