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Timber Design Awards

The Windflow 500

Windflow Technology is a NZ based wind turbine design and manufacturing company.

The company’s two-blade 500kW turbine, Windflow 500, is much lighter than competing three-bladed turbines, which makes it less expensive to build. The wind turbine combines three advanced technologies:
– Windflow’s patented torque limiting gearbox
– Two-bladed pitch-teeter rotor
– Synchronous generator

The blades are made of laminated NZ Pinus Radiata. Overseas wind turbine manufacturers use various components for wind turbine blades, usually a composite, whereas wood is not very commonly used.

When designing the blade, it was necessary to make strong, light-weight blades and preferably using sustainable materials. Pinus Radiata stood up to various different tests and proved its worth as very strong blade material.

The blade has been certified by Lloyd’s Register as meeting the requirements of IEC Technical Specification TS61400-23 for a design life of twenty years in high wind and high turbulence conditions.