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Timber Design Awards

The Communal Table of Negotiation

The table is a result of a negotiation between hand craft, digital fabrication and the peculiarity of the material available.

The multi-crafted table was primarily constructed from recycled Rimu which, was handpicked from The Timber Recyclers on the North Shore. The table top was composed of timber that came in various forms and sizes due to the particular qualities that were desirable upon selection of the timber. The feet and structure on the other hand were purchased in the form of 60mm x 30mm rectangular sections.

The material itself was a defining factor in the composition of the table in the way it was received and processed. The composition of the table was based on proportion of the timber purchased. All of the components that composed the table were made specifically for the table. The table top was fabricated at university in the timber workshop. It was then cut using the University CNC machine to allow for the connection of the structure. The structure was connected using Rimu Dowel and a wedge connection.

The overall composition of the table is two small tables that are connected using a brass cast that was sand casted. The table is held together using brass screws that were made using computer aided manufacturing.  Rigorous 1:1 scale prototyping allowed me to constantly refine the ease of assembly and ‘buildability’.  The table utilized various methods of fabrication in an effective manner and is a one of a kind table due to the use of recycled Rimu.

Photos: Farah photography