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Timber Design Awards

Tessellate: A Flat-packing Workstation.

“Tessellate” is a re-consideration of current ‘hot-desking’ systems.

This project is an exploration of the idea of creating workspaces through pop-up / flat-packing workstations. I envisioned instead of having fixed work areas, which restrict productivity, creativity and culture, the space could instead be populated and customized by deploying these tessellated workstation.

Tessellate is constructed from poplar plywood, CNC-routed to create the specific inlays required to allow the workstation to fold and flat-pack. It is an ideal material as it is lightweight, low-cost (only one sheet was required for construction), and has a clean aesthetic with its soft-blonde colouring. Furthermore it is extremely easy to CNC-route and lock together with the hinging system. It is also a much more sustainable option rather than constructing the elements from fiber-glass or plastic molds. Plywood was chosen as the key material as a way to bring natural elements back into the workspace. Offices are currently largely synthetic places, full of plastic and metal furniture. Tessellate, being constructed of natural wood, would completely change the aesthetic and feel of office spaces.