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Timber Design Awards

Taieri Mouth Bach

On top of a sand dune, overlooking Moturata Island and Taieri Beach, sits a modern interpretation of a Taieri Mouth bach.

The surrounding fishing and summer baches are a product of their environment, generally influenced in scale and form by function, affordability, and DIY construction often involving building additions and reuse of material.

This new bach follows these influences, and the resulting design is an exercise in affordability and planning that will allow the structure to adapt and grow with the Client and generations to follow.

The bach is planned with Living, Bathroom and Services on the Ground Floor, and a Mezzanine Bedroom/Work Area and Second Bedroom on the First Floor.

Future requirements have been considered and additional Living Area, Bedrooms or Studio may be accommodated by constructing a second wing running East/West connecting at the Kitchen Pantry.

The simple gable form not only creates an economical building envelope with a footprint of 55m2 able to be built in a period of eight weeks, but also offers a unique double height, glazed Living volume.

This volume dramatically increases the apparent size and quality of the space, which is shared by the Mezzanine Bedroom/Work Area above, offering views over Moturata Island and across the coast to the lights of Dunedin.

Materials have been selected and left to take on the patina of the Client. Recycled 1000 year old heart Rimu flooring is oiled only, and interior plywood walls and ceiling linings are left natural and sealed only in moisture sensitive areas.

Plywood provides all structural support and bracing with plywood boxbeams replacing the requirement for any steel work except the gable cross braces.

Use of the bach is intermittent and responses to energy use have been considered accordingly. Ceilings and walls are heavily insulated and heating is provided by a wood stove capable of creating a sauna-like experience during winter months and supplemented by a heat pump for convenience. Rainwater is harvested from the roof and stored, with gas providing on demand hot water and cooking requirements.

The bach is used and enjoyed as a relaxing and stimulating environment by the Client and friends, and will form a focal point for the family in years to follow.