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Timber Design Awards

Scots College

The Hodge Sports Centre resulted from Scots College’s desire to provide additional sporting and recreation facilites at their Wellington campus.

Athfield Architects have worked alongside the the College over the last 20 years, with an ongoing and evolving site masterplan.

The buildings primary structure consists of curved LVL portals to form 2 sides to a covering ‘shell’ of polycarbonate cladding. The pinus radiata LVL portals create a tubular interior space, with the frame fixing points expressed with pin joints at the apex, and socket joints at the base. The timber laminates and grain of the portals is finished with a clear coating. The LVL portals where fabricated by Craft Built Industries.

The gentle curves of the LVL portals create small scale spaces between the portal legs, where seating and storage elements are located. Secondary structure is made up of timber LVL purlins, notched into the portals, and steel cross bracing tension rods. The tubular interior space forms a shell to protect student sporting activities from the worst of Wellington’s weather, and a frame to hang sports netting, services and lighting from. A strandboard clad pod at the southern end of the building houses changing rooms, offices, sports storage and a mezzanine training and viewing area. The northern end of the building opens up to the sports fields beyond, to enable interior and exterior classroom activities and events to occur.