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Timber Design Awards

NMIT Arts & Media Building

The NMIT Arts and Media building is the built intersection of paired aspirations; the Nelson region’s requirement for a provincial arts teaching environment, and the New Zealand Government’s objective for a landmark timber structure to showcase and stimulate structural timber use.

All timber elements are left on show to express their function and highlight timber’s potential as a design and structural element. The building utilises Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) for all structural components with world first ‘damage avoidance’ seismic engineering incorporating post tensioned timber shear walls. These enable the use of straight forward post and beam gravity frames, immediately legible in their simplicity.

All structural timber components are grown, milled, manufactured and erected within an eighty kilometre ‘Radius of Resource’, the foundation stone of an environmentally sensitive design philosophy.
In the aftermath of the catastrophic 2011 Canterbury Earthquake, the design approach and change in structural philosophy pioneered by this project have increased relevance in contemplating reconstruction works.