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Timber Design Awards

Nelson Pine LVL Box Beams

Nelson Pine Industries Ltd manufacture laminated veneer lumber (LVL) from locally grown Pinus radiata, so it was natural this material was used to construct their new warehouse.

The brief required a storage facility of 16,500 m2 to be designed as a showpiece for the use and functionality of LVL. The overall dimensions of the building are 128 x 64 m, with an eave of 10 m and an apex of 14 m. Double 64 m portal frames at 8 m centres span the long direction. The apex of each frame is supported on a longitudinal beam spanning 16 m between posts. All portals, beams, posts, purlins, girts and diagonal wall bracing are made up from the raw LVL billets manufactured on site. The 400 x 45 mm purlins and girts were cut from the basic billet size while the rafters and legs were built up from the basic billet using glued and nailed splices. The portal knee and apex gussets have been nail fixed only to give increased ductility.