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Timber Design Awards

MOTAT Aviation Display Hall

The Aviation Display Hall is a major new museum facility for MOTAT’s collection of historic aircraft.

Situated on a former landfill site in Meola Road, Auckland, the 3000m2 building has very large spans and heights to accommodate the aircraft, some of which are the only remaining examples in the world. Unusually for its size, the building is almost entirely a timber structure of LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber); at 42 metres internal width, it reputedly has the largest clear span of any LVL timber structure in New Zealand.

As well as bringing character to an enormous volume, the timber refers to its early antecedents in timber-framed aircraft and timber-framed buildings such as MOTAT’s WWII era Blister Hangar. It showcases construction techniques at both a close up and distant scale. The timber linings echo the materiality of the structure while bringing warmth, grace and a beautifully contrasting textural background to the aircraft.