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Timber Design Awards

Knoll Ridge Cafe

A 400 seat café built at 2010m ASL on the side of an active volcano.

Constructed in a “modulised” system predominantly using timber to facilitate ease of construction whilst maintaining strength and durability.

The building reflects the nature and form of the mountain whilst referencing the historic archetypal mountain chalet and taking advantage of the spectacular views. Also, the building is to be a comfortable and visually warm place of rest.

Above the lower ground floor service area, which is “capped” with the panalised heated concrete floor of the café, the predominantly glulam structural frame supports the purpose made window system and plywood skinned roof panels. The glulam structure provided excellent strength for weight and “warm” visual appearance reminiscent of the traditional alpine structures.

The timber finishes – cedar (external) and lawson cypress (internal) are durable, low maintenance and if damaged, easily replaced.  The timber is oiled to maintain and enhance the overall appearance.