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Timber Design Awards

Karl Residence

The Karl Residence is located in the Hill Country Estate overlooking the Black Barn winery and Restaurant in Havelock North.

The Karl Residence is located in the Hill Country Estate overlooking the Black Barn winery and Restaurant in Havelock North.

The site demanded something special… The grape vines in the surrounding landscape are echoed in the repetition of the expressed laminated timber post and beam structure.  A nod to Richard Neutra.  This is a deliberately predominantly timber structure to maximise the carpentry component.
This is a cost effective solution and is also important for quality control.
The use of timber claddings externally and internally reduces the scope and reliance on structural
and cladding sub-­‐trades.

The arrival sequence is via the central entrance and stairwell gallery space to the rear of two storied
volume.  The stairwell links acts as  a light well.
Sheltered and contained entertaining spaces open off the living rooms to the north and west as they
are typically used in the afternoon and evenings.

The dominant horizontal site platform is echoed in the pure simple forms to the design.
The roofline running parallel across the site between the buttressed ends walls.
The second storey is a pure symmetrical form suspended above the ground plane.
Dark stained vertical shiplap cedar cladding to the buttressed exterior walls is contrasted
by the finer horizontal clear oiled cedar weatherboards in the recessed sheltered spaces around the
house.  These colours recede into the landscape rather than standing out.

The design is aesthetically simple and practical in terms of energy efficiency.
Passive solar gains are maximised all the bedrooms and living rooms facing north to maximise the natural light and views.  Energy efficiency design principles of spatial articulation are incorporated with larger rooms (living and bedrooms) positioned to the front (the north) with smaller service rooms
and garaging to the south.
Insulation is stepped up in the roof to R 5.0 together with double glazed windows and doors also underfloor insulation of 100mm polystyrene.
The solar heating system with a large reservoir heats the houses potable hot water underfloor heating and radiators.  This heating system is backed up by a gas boiler. Natural light admittance through high stud windows together with attention to the natural ventilation systems creates natural
ventilation and air circulation.  The house has bespoke LED lighting throughout, sourced locally.