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Timber Design Awards

Good as Gold

Fashion boutique, Good As Gold, had outgrown the small shop set up seven years ago.

Owner, Ruben, wanted his new shop to be open, warm, welcoming, lived in, functional for staff and customers, and with a fun childish D.I.Y. tree-fort feel to it (maybe Ewok village).

Preliminary plans for the shop on three levels were prepared which were developed with concepts and ideas evolving as work proceeded.

Timber was one of the starting points in the design process which fitted the brief and meant no specialist shop fitting was required. Rough sawn Macrocarpa was selected which was economical, easy to work, natural, warm, tactile and very ‘Kiwi’. Using 25mm sawn boards of varying widths, from 25mm to 400mm, maintained a design consistency throughout the spaces. It was used for flooring, stairs, balustrades, glazing and screen wall supports, doors, cupboards, shelves and clothing racks.