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Timber Design Awards

Flux Barn, Moonshine Rd, Upper Hutt

Ian & Meryl Flux came to Pinecone’s pre-fab factory at Benmore Cres, Manor Park, Lower Hutt in Jan 2012, for info into a two-level ½ round barn design, to replace an existing old garage.

One of the reasons that they were interested in a Pinecone barn was they could project manage a lot of the the job themselves, with our team fabricating & installing the portal frame structure & roof claddings.

There was also the need for off site pre-fabrication, as storage/work area was limited, and the access road to the site was poor. The delivery of components pre-made, ready to install, was an attractive option. The ease of Pinecone’s installation, speeds up the construction process from floor-to-roof, as this job was being done in the winter period.

Ian is a capable farmer, DOC worker, and helped build a lot of his barn under our supervision. This was exactly what he required, as the design gave him a garage, studio, and firewood store.

Clem Thorn at Pinecone NZ Ltd has designed/prototyped/tested over the last 6 yrs, portal-frame design, which can be adapted to a wide range of building shapes. Pinecone currently has generic plans in ½ round, 1 & 2 storey units, and 15-45 degree 1 & 2 storey units, and other variations too.

These are built from SLVL (structural laminated veneer lumber) supplied from the Juken Nissan Gisborne factory, to Pinecone, where we use CNC machinery to cut and form the shapes we need for each job. We have customized every job we have done to date, for each clients need.

Portal frame design in small commercial & housing is not common, but has many advantages, as with our designs the building loads are taken by the frame and no internal load-bearing walls are required, giving you the flexibility to design the interior as you wish.

Job Stats:

“Taranaki Pinecone Barn” 116m2

Designer (generic plans) : Willem Van de Lann, from CAD Services Ltd
Engineer (generic frame plans) : David Reid, from Lignum Structural Ltd
Builder & Project Manager : Clem Thorn (LBP/site 2) from Pinecone NZ Ltd