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Timber Design Awards

Eat Streat

APR Architects won the project by means of an open design competition.

APR Architects won the project by means of an open design competition.

The structure provides a visual anchor to the main outdoor eating area in the Rotorua CBD. By providing a central walkway spine, the local restaurants are able to extend their outdoor dining area to this spine to provide a welcoming dining experience which has a unique atmosphere and creates the opportunity to hold a variety of local functions from music to bike racing. The underlying theme of the project was the ‘celebration of timber’ which is in keeping with the Rotorua Lakes Councils timber initiative WoodFirst.

The main portal structure was engineered by Mark Batchelar Ltd. who are specialist timber engineers, it is designed as a cantilever from stainless steel brackets at ground level.

The timber used was local Radiata Pine transported to Nelson Timber for manufacturing into glulam. The main portals and secondary frames are all glulam, as are the feature screen fences at both ends of the street. Local timber manufacturer Verda were selected to provide their proprietary fencing between businesses.

The qualities of the timber are accentuated by the use of standard and special mix stains. The use of timber created opportunities for many local businesses to be involved with the process from the supply of raw material to the supply of finished timber products. This resulted in a sustainable solution and is of economic benefit to the business community, and a showpiece for the use of timber.