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Timber Design Awards

Contemporary Cultural Chair

The essence of this project is the collaboration of the traditional pacific craft and construction, with modern digital technology to design a culturally informed chair that fits into a contemporary context.

The basic traditional technique of using string as a decorative, as well as structural component is utilized to lash timber poles together to form a chair but is done in such a way that the positioning of the elements and thus the form of the chair would not be achievable without additionally utilizing digital modeling and fabrication. The use of plywood allowed for the Cnc routing of the calculated base in order for the Pine Radiata Dowels to be threaded through on the specific angles required. The chair appears sleek and fragile yet the carefully crafted combination and arrangement of the elements highlights and demonstrates the strength of the slender timber dowels and plywood as the chair can easily hold the weight of an adult. The chair also showcases the timbers potential and ability to create aesthetically pleasing and interesting designs.