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Timber Design Awards

Avondale College Redevelopment

Avondale College was originally built in the 1940’s as a military hospital base with a view to re-use as a school after the war.

Many of the original timber buildings were scheduled for replacement or had been burnt out in a severe fire and hurriedly replaced by prefabs. A new school master-plan was needed. This lead to the single biggest rebuilding programme for a school in NZ, refurbishing historic buildings and adding an extensive new build.

The school motto “Kohia Nga Taikaka” or “Collect the Heartwood” and the school’s desire to connect back to the original structures, meant that timber was always going to be a key feature of the architecture.
By using timber in multiple ways this project successfully weaves together renovated buildings with contemporary, linking them by way of a canopy feature that utilises a bespoke pattern in a cost effective way.