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Treatments – hazards that effect the durability of wood

Building elements may be exposed to a range of physical, chemical or biological hazards which vary with the end-use application.

Hazards to wood include:

  • Biological – Insects, Fungi, Bacteria
  • Chemical – Strong acids and alkali
  • Physical – Wear and tear, the elements.

These are described in more detail in Hazards – Printable PDF.

Preservative standards specify the levels of protection against the potential threat of the most important biological hazards to timber in any particular end-use application, Hazard Classes.

This is achieved through the impregnation of a chemical treatment to eliminate or minimise any future in-service susceptibility to these hazards.

NB: The code has changed as of April 2011 to use H1.2 for Timber Treatment for enclosed framing. Read the brochure Pink is Tough – H1.2 Frames it Right here.

All other website information is being updated gradually.