Learning centre

The Learning Centre page is currently down for revision.

Several events require that the page be revised, including:

  1. The revision of NZS 3602 Timber and Wood-based Products for Use in Buildings
  2. The revision of NZS 3603 Timber Structures Standard
  3. The revision of NZS 3640 Preservation of Timber and Wood-based Products.

These will affect the way buildings can be specified, designed and built.

In addition, new initiatives will be included on the revised page, including

  1. The NZ Timber Design Guides
  2. The Environmental Product Declaration for Solid Wood Products (including treated, finger-jointed, glue laminated timber and cross laminated timber)
  3. The Standard Operating Procedures and other documentation for the NZ Timber Quality Scheme.

The page will be up again as soon as possible.