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Forests and wood fight climate change

Wood is the world’s most renewable raw material. For this reason, Forests, and the wood they provide are vital in the fight against climate change. As the effects of global warming impact on our environment, the use of renewable and sustainable building materials has never been so important.

The stages of the wood story – planting and renewal, growth, harvesting and use are part of a renewable cycle that takes and stores carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, making wood a truly carbon-neutral building material.

The time has come to fight climate change and we each need to look for ways we can contribute to the fight. Using wood is something we can all do to help the environment. By demanding and using more wood, we can ensure that more trees will be planted and more carbon dioxide will be absorbed from the atmosphere. The result is a better world for ourselves, our families and future generations. It’s simple.

Wood. Manage it responsibly. Consume it voraciously. For a better world.

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