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Timber Design Awards

NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards 2018

The NZ Wood Resene 2018 Timber Design Awards would like to advise that Stage One Judging is completed and finalists are announced.

This is New Zealand’s only Timber Design award event and allows engineers, architects, architectural designers and builders to showcase innovation using timber.

Both local and international companies will be looking to NZ for timber design inspiration in 2018.

Congratulations to all Finalists!

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NZ Speciality Timber Award

Sponsored by: NZ Farm Forestry Association
The use of specialty timber in a manner that best highlights its unique characteristics. This category is open to entries from across the spectrum of NZ grown timber usage from furniture to buildings, facilities to objets d’art.
Gateway Pavilion
Holmes Consulting LP & Stevens Lawson Architects
The Atmosphere of Joinery
Lingyi Wang with Andrew Barrie Lab
Pukapuka Road House
Kowtow Flagship
Makers of Architecture & Makers of Fabricati
Habitat Markers
Isthmus Group Ltd
Walton House
John Henderson Architecture Ltd


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