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Waterfall Bay House

Situated in a remote bay in the Marlborough Sounds, this house by architect Pete Bossley has a clear link to its natural surroundings.

The building sits elevated over the nearby water. Its light, wooden structure allows the main bedroom to sit on a series of small poles, playing with the idea of the occupants being surrounded by the nearby treetops. The detailing of the interior uses wood to enhance the natural beauty of the site. In the main living area, large dark-wood mullions frame picturesque views of the water. Although the house consists largely of simple, rectangular spaces, the use of various wood products and the distinctive grey chimneys present the occupants with an intriguing experience both inside and out. The use of wood has allowed the interior to remain warm and inviting through its varied textures and colouring. The building is clad with cedar, and the use of Oregon pine and recycled bridge timbers from Queenstown all combine to enhance this secluded retreat.