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Toko Ngawa House

The Toko Ngawa house was designed in 2002 by Tennent Brown Architects. The client brief asked for a house that provided for family living, guest accommodation and that took advantage of the site.

The house is located at the end of a headland ridge and is laid out as a series of spaces that follow the contour of land, leaving a flat area for lawn and outdoor terraces to the north and west. Wood is used extensively throughout the house, its natural look complementing the native bush setting beautifully. The house itself is anchored to the hillside through the use of stone walls on one side, with floor to ceiling windows opening out to the ocean on the other. It has substantial areas of glazing framed by timber mullions.The occupants enjoy the natural beauty of the largely exposed timber framing including the large rafters that line the ceiling. The design arranges mono-pitched roofs parallel to the slopes at the top of the cliff-edge and retains skyline trees, thus minimising the bulk and impact of the building in the much visited coastal environment.  Principles of sustainability and environmental responsiveness were employed in the design, considering especially the thermal environment and selection of materials.