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Tata Beach House

This house nestles beautifully into its coastal surrounds, harnessing the expansive Golden Bay views and offering a contemporary, eclectic mix of timber materials and colours.

The design employs a number of techniques to ensure the house sits lightly on the hillside and blends in with the bush backdrop. The house is deliberately angled and fractured, a technique often used in camouflage , the roof is broken in two so it is not seen as a large expanse. The massive glass picture window is tilted to avoid reflections and the house colours are dark and recessive to blend with the shadows of the bush. The roof of the house is twisted and the overhangs are thin so the roofs can be viewed as two leaves that have gently settled on the hillside. Inside the walls of the rooms are subtly angled to follow the axis of views to the beach and the islands. Upper rooms open onto a large deck with a swimming pool that is completely private, while downstairs bedrooms look out through trees to the sea. The darkness of both the interior and exterior is offset by brighter colour accents of red and orange, references to the pohutakawa and gum flowers of trees on the site. On the approach side, the dark plywood cladding of the exterior is complemented with a Corten (self rusting) steel balustrade, the colour of which echoes the weathered granite on which the house site.


2008 Timber Design Awards: Highly Commended, Residential Architectural Excellence