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Samurai House

The house was built for a martial arts exponent steeped in the cultural mores of his discipline.

The brief required a small, simple house set between the trees of a tiny suburban forest. The architects responded with a simple double-height box that is half opaque and half transparent. Untreated macrocarpa vertical board and batten is used to clad the house. The timber battens continue almost to the ground while the boarding stops at floor level, visually anchoring the house to the ground while providing under-floor ventilation. Tall windows have glass simply set into the timber mullions, creating a seamless visual flow between the timber interior and exterior. An L-shaped mezzanine bedroom and gallery are positioned against the solid walls. The mezzanine extends through the envelope to form a small balcony among the trees. The interior features exposed timber ceiling framing with a plywood lining. Timber strip flooring, wooden furniture and bookcases complete the space. The interior wood will maintain its warm golden hue contrasting the exterior timber that is expected to grey over time.