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Sales Pavilion for Frasers Papamoa Limited

The Pavilion is an exacting piece of architecture with two distinctly different shapes: A rectangular box comprising all services and circulation areas and a sail shaped glassbox, primarily acting as a large open space, which can be transformed to whatever function may be required in the future.

The façade is a combination of AlucoBond and Cedar, where cedar is use on the moveable louvers and sunshades. Cedar was also used to express the blade structure of the building (as well as the entry portal).

The two storey ‘auxcilliary’ building is clad in a sectionised cedar cladding, which is constructed with a random sequence of 6 different timber profiles, varying in depth and width. This creates a rather interesting and ever changing façade that interacts quite well with the open structure of the ‘glass pavilion’.

To tie the two parts together, the pavilion has been fitted with vertical cedar wings as well as moveable louvers.

Papamoa Beach is a rather harsh maritime environment, and Cedar – with it’s high content of silica –  is a perfect choice of timber with it’s low maintenance factor.

This timber has been used throughout the entire show village.

Internally, plywood was used as ceilings material and acts as a perfect ‘softener’ for the extensive use of stone internally in the building.


NZ Wood Timber Design Awards 2010
Winner – People’s Choice Award