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Arcades Project highlights Grandeur of Glulam

Another Canterbury Rebuild sponsorship that has seen the timber industry step up to the plate is the Arcades Project – the outcome of collaboration between Gap Filler masterminds Dr Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Just with the Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA) protagonist and architectural historian Dr Jessica Halliday.

The sponsors for this high profile project that has the support of Christchurch City Council include NZ Wood alongside Carter Holt Harvey and Hunter Laminates.

The concept is particular to the ravaged Christchurch CBD where vacant lots between buildings provide the opportunity to do things differently. Temporary structures can be erected for people to utilise and enjoy the otherwise barren sites that have come to characterise the CBD as the red zone cordon reduces.

“The central idea is for the Arcades to become a landmark for people to host markets – in addition to being a beautiful and functional installation that highlights the strength and splendor of engineered timber and the different purposes it can serve,” says Ryan Reynolds.

With the Arcades project designer Andrew Just came up with the idea of placing a series of arched rib-vaults to form a passageway or lane with shops or attractions on one or both sides.

The shape and proportion of the 6-metre high laminate timber glulam arches are based on gothic elements of the Canterbury Provincial Chambers building.The arches are commanding and define the entrance to the space. They can be configured in multiple ways and relocated. Four identical glulam

members make up each of the ten structures. Each timber member weighs almost 250kg – comparatively light give their height and presence.

Hunter Laminates in Nelson have sponsored the the task of fabricating the arches while Carter Holt Harvey sponsored the delivery and manufacture of the timber from their plant on the North Island.

Other sponsors include crane, construction and project management companies.It is envisaged that the arches will be delivered to Christchurch for erection by mid to late February 2013.

Technical Specifications: Radiata Pine Glulam Timber Arches

Clear Height: 6.0m Total contents:

Clear Width: 2.65m 18 cubic metres of Radiata Pine

External Design Life: 25 Years 1.6 tonnes of plate steel

10 cubic metres of concrete

Glulam Sectional Dimensions: 135x350mm-135x270mm

Rib-vault units: 10

Rib-vault components: 4 different parts:

4 glulam half-arches

4 steel base junctions

4 pre-cast concrete foundations

1 steel peak junction

bolts to fix

Timber Grade: GL8 Treatment: H3.1 with Dryden’s wood oil

Timber Grade: GL8 Treatment: H3.1 with Dryden’s wood oil

11 January 2013