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Timber Design Awards

Mahurangi West Road

The development of a unique patented four way internal connector to connect the frame elements results in a modular frame that is clean and elegantly simple

With the combination of off-site factory manufacture and on-site assembly, a high degree of quality and accuracy is achieved.  Combine this with the 1.2m module (standard board sizing) and waste is kept to an absolute minimum. The house incorporates sustainable principles throughout, with careful attention to orientation, solar passive gain, high levels of insulation (sheep wool), energy efficiency, solar hot water, rainwater recovery and passive sewerage systems. The Mahurangi West Rd project demonstrates the beauty and versatility of timber as a building medium.  The use of locally-sourced, native timber for both the superstructure, and the palette of finishes throughout the building helps to create a harmony between the building and the environment, an expression of context from whence it came.


2008 Timber Design Awards: Winner, Residential Engineering Excellence