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Lindale Bach

This house is particularly noteable for the juxtaposition of the gabion wall passive solar element against the vertical timber cladding.

Lindale Bach is a continuation of an exploration into a model of building that is dedicated to a specific function, that of summer holidays at the beach. The functions of the house that require complete weather enclosure are broken into 3 individual masses in order to articulate the building in a scale of forms appropriate to the environment:  a horizontal structure housing the living functions, a tower housing the sleeping and bathing functions and a shed which accommodates the storage functions.To seat the building in a landscape and to create a wind shadow from the predominantly prevailing South West wind, a spine wall of Gabion baskets is set at right angles to the site, the wall sets up a strong enclosing edge for the main covered living deck and provides an intimate textured backdrop to the bathroom space.  The gabion wall is made of stone from the local Medlands Quarry and is a technology that is used extensively on the island for road retailing.

The masses of the building are arranged around the gabion wall to form edges, create a range of negative spaces and provide wind shelter to two covered outdoor living spaces:  a primary deck orientating to the view and protected from the prevailing South West wind and a secondary deck protected from the Northerly winds.  Canopies over the large window openings to the living room and main bedroom protect from intermittent rain experienced regularly on the island. In order to pay homage to the baches as a building type, a conscious decision was made to use timber for the structural and cladding elements.  The timber imbues the internal and external spaces with warmth, tactility and personality.  The choice of a natural unprocessed primary material enhances the idea of the building as a simple honest structure which communes with nature. Timber almost exclusively makes up all the elements of the building.  The structure of the building which is clearly expressed is also primarily timber.  The versatility of timber as a structural, weather tight and finishing material allows for the employment of one primary material.  The consistency of material offers the opportunity for a more timeless expression of building.