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Ian Louise House

Named after a boat once beached in Owhiro bay, the Ian Louise house was designed by Rafe Maclean as a simple family home.

Situated on Wellington’s south coast, the house is exposed to the full force of the elements coming through Cook Strait, making timber a sensible choice. The exterior is clad with a rain-screen of band-sawn macrocarpa that will bleach and lighten over time allowing the house to blend into its natural environment.

Organised over 3 levels, the house sits narrow and tall on its site adjacent the oldest home in the bay. The structure is timber framing above a concrete block ground level. The compact planning is efficient and creates a simplicity that combines urban home with coastal retreat. The elemental exterior is enlivened by windows that punch through the timber cladding to frame views of the bush and sea. Wood is also used internally with the top level featuring plywood flooring and the stairwell walls lined with white-washed plywood sheeting.

NZIA New Zealand Award for Architecture 2006
NZIA Local Architecture Award 2005