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Coromandel Beach House

A small scale holiday home that is casually laid back yet highly refined, the bach is orientated north-east towards the ocean, sun and distant islands.

An open plan living space forms the majority of the house, glazed across both front and back, flowing casually onto the sand and directly down to the water. Two bedrooms are located either side of the bathroom adjacent to the kitchen.  Concealed glass panels extend out of the walls to close off spaces as required.

A series of bi-folding slatted cedar shutters open across the elevations to the living zone.  When open these panels provide privacy from the closely located neighbours; when closed the shutters provide shelter from stormy weather, and ensure security when the bach is not in use.

Relatively compact, the house is likened to a jewellery box, with highly efficient use of available space and concealed cabinetry throughout.  A series of projections and cutouts punctuate the spaces, variously admitting light and capturing specific views.

The exterior palette of materials is natural and recessive relating to the colours in the beachfront and the weathered driftwood found there.  Inside, splashes of colour and dark stained cabinetry provide subtle counterpoints to the hoop pine wall linings and white oiled american oak floors.  The rough sawn cedar cladding is judiciously carried through to the interior, extending the effect of the cantilevered folding shutters to the internal elevations, while also providing a balanced contrast to the other more refined linings.