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Barents Secretariat Tower

The site is in the city Kirkenes in the county of Finnmark, Northern Norway, and when built, the tower will be the tallest timber structured building in the world.

This project is still under development. It will house a center for cultural and innovative interchange between countries in the Barents region, and contain institutions within culture, innovation and science. The project has an environmental focus and strives to achieve carbon neutrality by using natural recycled materials and integrated building systems that adapt to changing seasons.

The architects are in close collaboration with engineers and specialists in constructions and fire safety, representatives from the Norwegian wood industry and the technical wood institute of Norway. A study has concluded that the project is technically possible to realize.

The construction consists of a system of columns and beams using glue laminated timber (glu-lam), with diagonal elements dealing with stability. Massive floor elements of cross laminated timber (CLT), are fitted into the construction. The façade glass system is a secondary construction attached to the primary one.

The high-rise measures 24x24m, with a 25 column grid. Due to the massive forces the construction has to deal with, especially because of the heavy wind loads in Northern Norway, construction elements are mounted with a special steel plate joint. The building will rise up to 80m, consisting of 20 floors.

1st Prize in invited competition to design building for Norwegian Barents Secretariat