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Bach with Two Roofs

The bach comprises a collection of simple timber structures with a clever double roof design device. Quietly sitting in their bush surroundings, they are a perfect fit for the NZ bach vernacular.

This set of three small buildings and the spaces between provide a second home for a young family within a forest clearing. Maturing eucalypt trees surround and stand within the clearing, providing an exaggerated sense of verticality to the space beneath, rich with the subtlety, movement and colours of natural timber. Design development sought ways for constructed space to co-exist within the forest setting, with open external spaces breathing and flowing with the clearing canopy above, and interior spaces providing protected, rich and shadow filled withdrawal spaces, almost as within the base of a tree trunk. With the surrounding eucalypts prone to shedding branches, the buildings include replaceable second roofs and external protecting steelwork embraced with fine timber members to shield the spaces beneath. The buildings connect to the clearing with simple peripheral decks and are set back from the sea view to sit within the privacy of the forest, allowing the view to be de-privileged and shared by all from external spaces.


2008 Timber Design Awards: Highly Commended, Residential Architectural Excellence