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BC to build the World’s Tallest Wood Building

29 March 2012

Original News story from Vancouver Sun.

Excerpt posted below for your convenience and discussion.

B.C. is moving ahead with plans to build what is expected to be the tallest wood  building in North America and possibly the world, Jobs Minister Pat Bell said.

Courtesy of Michael Green Architecture

Courtesy of Michael Green Architecture

The proposed 10-storey Wood Innovation and Design Centre in Prince George will  become a test case for creating a value-added forest products industry around  tall wood building construction methods that would differ radically from the way  traditional mid-rise and even highrise buildings are constructed.

Bell told The Vancouver Sun that within 30 days, the province will seek qualified firms to design and construct the building out of engineered wood beam products instead of traditional concrete and steel beams. The province has already received 34 expressions of interest.

Michael Green has recently released “The Case for Tall Wood Buildings”, it is a more than 200-page document that aims to encourage architects, engineers and designers to push the envelope of conventional thinking about wood construction.

It was commissioned by the Canadian Wood Council (CWC) on behalf of the Wood Enterprise Coalition (a partnership of Wood WORKS! BC, FPInnovations, and BC Wood Specialties), with support from Forestry Innovation Investment, and prepared by mgb ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN, Equilibrium Consulting, LMDG Ltd, and BTY Group. The report represents the views of the many interviewed developers/marketing groups/contractors/fire chiefs/ building authorities, and introduces a new construction model for tall buildings which utilizes mass timber panels.

For more details see the NZ Wood news The Case for Tall Wood Buildings.